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My name is Kernal Corny  Mascot of  Louisville Cornhole Shop LLC

we are located at:
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                                                                                          We are members of the 

American Cornhole Association, 
American Cornhole Organization, 
and Kentucky Cornhole Club

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 Louisville Cornhole Shop LLC   has a commitment to our customers to provide the best cornhole boards and bags  possible. We are a company with a store front and established locations that you can visit and see many styles of our products, and be able to speak with the designer of our cornhole boards personally, so as to receive the design you are looking for.
We sell the highest quality product on the market.
We are the Best of the Best!

 Our Corn Hole Boards are made of   Highest Quality 3/4" Cabinet Grade  Hardwood.   We DO NOT use MDF or Cheap Plywood. We Do Use only the very Best Products.

Regulation size 24" x 48"

We use the highest quality boards in the business. We fuss around the lumberyard to buy quality boards and save you the headache of doing this for yourself. We inspect our lumber for the perfect sheet to make our boards the best we know how.  A perfect balance between bounce and a manageable carrying weight. The legs are 2x4's that  fold up for easy travel and storage.   They are color coordinated to match the boards.  Our streamline legs have a brace and extra cost.
A  primer and 2-3 coats of paint are applied with a sanding between each coat for the smoothest playing surface on the cornhole boards, not a slick surface, smooth.
For an additional cost, a name, logo,or logos of your choice is applied,we use the finest, thinnest vinyl then apply a clear coat finish, for a longer lasting cornhole board.
Our Cornhole boards may  be purchased plain or customized your way.  Cornhole is a Family game,  a party game, great for gathering of all sorts, also cornhole is a great gift for every occassion. 

Cornhole is a game that started in 1325 in the northern part of Barvaria.  Cornhole was abundant all across Europe.It disappeared due to the fear of forest depletion.

Each step in building our cornhole boards is taken with care and pride.
We take the extra steps on the cornhole boards to ensure to you the customer, 
good quality workmanship, for a longer lasting cornhole game that you will enjoy for years to come.
Our Custom Cornhole boards are designed with you in mind. We take what you would like to have custom on your boards and  our designer adds a paint scheme to fit your custom decals for a more personal cornhole board set,so as to have that personalized customized cornhole game.

Our cornhole bags are professionally made with regulation duck canvas and heavy duty upholstery thread. Our seamstresses put the same care and workmanship into the cornhole bags as our designer puts into the cornhole boards. We do use whole kernel corn as regulation called for. 
We carry a large variety of solid color cornhole bags. Our collegiate material is sewn over the canvas as not to take away from the strength of the cornhole bag. If we do not have your theme in stock you may order them. We are able to have them made in college or sports theme of your choice providing the fabric is carried. We also have a variety of other styles to choose from.We come as close as possible with our cornhole bags to match the theme of your boards.  We aim to provide the BEST cornhole product on the market and the Best in Kentucky.  Good Kentucky Craftsmanship produces Kentucky quality products.

We are meticulous in our work in order to have  a quality product that you would be proud to own. 
Crestwood Kentucky just 20 minutes East of Louisville Kentucky;  inside our large facility we personally build your cornhole boards. Our showroom carries over 20 different designs for you to choose from, or customize your own cornhole game set,  cornhole boards and cornhole bags.

Louisville Cornhole Shop LLC is not responsible, nor liable for damage, including, but not limited to property damage, personal injury, or death as a result of storing, transporting,or playing our game. Guarantees included but not limited to misuses, abuse, and or neglect. Please be aware that our cornhole bags are filled with real shell corn. Therefore if you have any allergies relating to corn, please do not use/or purchase our bags
We are not responsible for games left out in damp, wet weather, or outrageous abuse. Nor the placing of the boards face to face or on top of each other. It is best not to do these.
Our cornhole bags should not be left out due to weather, squirrels, raccoon, or other corn eating critters.

We are not accociated with the represented team or colleges, all copyright/licensees belong to the owners exclusively. We do not sell teams, we sell cornhole products.

                                                                    Available Sizes     

Regulation: 24"W x 48"L
Mini Cornhole:  16" W x 24" L

New versions of the cornhole game are Challenge Games

Cornhole Golfer 24"W x 48"L
Cornholes 24"W x 48"L
Games with a Twisted  Challenge.

ORDER TODAY for your weekend Play!

Place your order Today for that special occasion or special someone.
Play cornhole all year long indoors and outdoors, we carry cornhole games for both.
Enjoy the game all year long it is not just a summer sport.

They make Great Gifts for Every Occassion!

Rent your games from us from us and call about our specials!
Keep us in mind for all your special events;
Family Reunions; Weddings; Birthdays;  Fund Raisers; Company Picnics; Charity Events; and your Awesome Tournament!

We now stock accessories for the cornhole game play! Suitcase,  Lights,  score strips,  score towers, bags,  many colors and styles are available.

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Lights, (for nighttime play), Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber,  
Score Strips,( Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow)
Score Towers,( with drink holder),
Suitcase, (Hinges & Handle), 
Braced & Painted Legs
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