Purchase in BULK  Amounts our Boards or Boards & Bags.

Earn a great income or second income workin from home. Get involved with the Family Game that is Sweeping the Nation,  the Cornhole Game!
The best selling game since the playstation. Earn a great income from home. All you do is use your imiginationand paint the game your way. You will be amazed at what you can do. This is very easy, the boards are already built.
Join a winning team and earn great extra money from home.
We build the very best board sets, they are made of  3/4" Cabinet Grade Birch,  lightweight and easy for travel.
We carry  different sizes.



We DO NOT use MDF or CHEAP materials in our games, we use only the BEST materials.
If interested please call for more information at purchasing our plain games at wholesale (BULK) prices.

Our Bags are made of Duck Cloth, Double Stitched and filled with whole kernel corn.Weighing 15-16 oz.

We spare no expense on our products.  We use only the BEST product available.

Email us at: louisvillecornholeshop@insightbb.com
Call us at: 502-742-8286

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